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Power Accessory Repair

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Are your car’s power accessories not functioning properly? At Lowell’s Auto Repair, we specialize in repairing power accessories that have broken or malfunctioned. Our team can diagnose and fix issues with power windows, door locks, seats, mirrors, sunroofs, trunk releases, steering, brakes, antennas, and outlets, restoring them to their original working condition. Whether you need a new motor, switch, or wiring, we have the expertise and tools to get your power accessories up and running again. Don’t let broken power accessories compromise your driving experience – contact us today to schedule a repair appointment.

Reclaim the convenience

Power accessories for cars are additional features that use electricity to improve the functionality, comfort, and convenience of a vehicle. Some common power accessories for cars include:

  1. Power windows: Electrically operated windows that can be controlled with a switch on the door panel.

  2. Power door locks: Electrically operated door locks that can be controlled with a switch on the door panel or remote key fob.

  3. Power seats: Electrically adjustable front seats that allow drivers and passengers to find the most comfortable position.

  4. Power mirrors: Electrically adjustable side mirrors that can be controlled from inside the car.

  5. Power sunroof: An electrically operated sunroof that can be opened or closed with a switch.

  6. Power trunk release: A button on the key fob or inside the car that opens the trunk automatically.

  7. Power steering: An electrically assisted steering system that makes it easier to turn the steering wheel.

  8. Power brakes: An electrically assisted braking system that provides additional stopping power.

  9. Power antenna: An electrically operated radio antenna that can be raised or lowered with a switch.

  10. Power outlets: Electrical sockets that allow you to plug in and charge devices like phones or tablets.

It’s important to note that not all cars come with these power accessories as standard features, and some may only be available on higher trim levels or as optional extras.

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