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Windshield Wiper Replacement

Lowell's Auto Repair Provides Windshield Wiper Replacement

Windshield wipers are a critical safety component of your vehicle, allowing you to maintain clear visibility in all weather conditions. Over time, the rubber blades of your wipers can become worn or damaged, which can lead to streaking, skipping, or even complete failure to clear your windshield.

Here’s how you can replace your windshield wipers:

  1. Determine the Correct Size: Check your car’s owner manual or consult a parts specialist at an auto parts store to find out the correct wiper size for your vehicle. You can also measure the blades yourself.

  2. Lift the Wiper Arm: Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield until it locks into place.

  3. Remove the Old Wiper Blade: Locate the release tab or clip at the center of the wiper blade. Press it and gently slide the blade off the arm.

  4. Attach the New Blade: Align the new blade with the arm and slide it into place. You should hear a click or feel a snap when it locks into position.

  5. Lower the Arm: Slowly lower the wiper arm back down to the windshield.

  6. Test the New Blades: Turn on your wipers and check that they are working correctly.

It’s recommended to replace your wiper blades every six months to a year or as soon as you notice any signs of wear or deterioration. Regular replacement can help ensure clear visibility and safer driving. Bring your car or truck by Lowell’s Auto Repair, and we will be happy to do this for you!

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